Briefly from our offer to realization :

  • Currently we address a new customer  with quality and professionally done work, as well as by a personal visit. Due to the long-term activity in this area, the company has a constant customer base.
  • If the customer  can specify the problem or the assignment, he wants to solve, the company offers one or more possible technical solutions.
  • To do a reconstruction from technical installations, there is a need of inspection to achieve the most realistic and most cost-effective consideration of a possible solution.
  • If the customer has chosen or not chosen a technical solution, a pre-priced calculated offer of the technical solution can help him with better orientation to select.
  • Based on the offer, the customer orders a range of activities, where the complete realization of the offer or parts of it by the company is performed on the basis of contractual relationship. The first step is to prepare the project documentation and to approve it in the relevant TI-SR department.
  • Next contracts are concluded on to project base, to supply the refrigeration equipment as a whole or by parts according to the customer’s requirements. A payment and delivery schedule will be set up, these ones can solve the issue of assembly or dismantling  the equipment.
  • The company has rights for production, assembly and repairs of  gas and pressure equipment. Employees of the company have the required authorization to perform their work in the field of refrigeration and heating
  • The company provides professional commissioning as well as a trial operation under the supervision of the Commissioner for Occupational Safety. The uploaded device meets not only technical, but also all safety requirements.
  • We provide professional training and retraining on the basis of Decree No. 508/2009 SÚBP. Based on customer requirements, we will prepare operating instructions for the relevant operator equipment.
  • Due to rich experience in this field, the company has the most demanding spare parts available on stock, as well  possibility to delivere spare parts from the manufacturers. Service technicians are trained to do professional and emergency repairs, or to make  a regular  inspection of refrigeration equipment.


Consulting and professional advice is part of our work for our current and future customers to solve immediately their technical problems.


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