• 29. mája 2019

    Our new two stage unit Twin x Twin 200 R723

    After successful testing, we are launching our new two stage unit that can be used for cooling and freezing, for example in small meat pruduction or as an alternative for retail chains.

    Two stage unit Twin x Twin 200 R723

    • 1st stage – Freezing power: 4kW – glycol output: -25°C
    • 2nd stage – Cooling power: 16kW – glycol output: -5°C
    • Condensing power: 30kW – condensing temperature: +46,5°C
    • Extreme low charge
    • Refrigerant filling R723:  Freezing–1,5kg    Cooling–1,8kg
    • Direct expansion
  • 17. apríla 2019

    International conference in Ohrid

    We attended a conference in Ohrid, Macedonia, where the topics of the conference were: design of modern ammonia and CO2 systems, various applications and technological innovations, improving energy efficiency, technical guidelines and safety regulations. It is very clear that by using more ammonia and CO2 refrigerants, we are employing environmentally friendly technologies. Over 50 speakers from all over the world were presenting their works at the conference including our two presentations presented by Ing. Juraj Švingál ml.

  • 27. marca 2019

    IIR International Conference in Ohrid, 11-13. April 2019

    We have been invited as technical guarantor at the IIR International Conference in Ohrid, Macedonia (8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE – Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies), which will be held on 11-13. April 2019, we will present modern cooling and heating solutions with natural refrigerant which follow Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe 517/2014  from April 16th 2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases. We will present two of our works at the conference, namely:

    Using low charge ammonia Heat pump as a main cooling/heating energy source for ice rink. (Arena Pezinok)


    Extreme low charge units with ammonia blend R723 applications in practice. (Milk industry)

  • 13. januára 2019

    Natural refrigerant R723 only 5KG of filling for 141 KW cooling power

    At the end of 2018, we successfully implementing new cooling and heating concept in the dairy industry, using our Twineco® technology R723 natural refrigerant with a minimal refill.

    Twineco® 300 R723

    – 141 KW cooling power

    – 187KW heating power

    – temperature gradient cooling glycol -5 / 0 ° C

    – temperature gradient heating glycol + 30 / + 40 ° C
    The refrigeration unit provides refrigeration for both the production and storage areas up to the temperature of +4 Celsius and on the other hand, uses waste condensing heat to heat up the areas (hall/office/cloakroom), DHW preparation or defrosting of coolers installed in the production areas.



  • 4. decembra 2018

    Gold Medal – Slovak Association for Cooling and Air Conditioning Technology

    On October 25th 2018 at the Patria hotel, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of founding of the Slovak Association for Cooling and Air-Conditioning Technology, in the category BEST REALIZATIONS 1993-2018 the GOLDEN MEDAL was awarded for our (TwinEco R717) heat pump project at Pezinok Arena – a commercial training hockey stadium. This award was given by the president of the SZ CHKT. Also award for the realization of room cooling (TwinEco R723) in the meat industry – processing of poultry.



  • 18. augusta 2016

    Exhaust system for R717, R723

    The device is designed for environmentally friendly, economical and safe maintenance of ammonia and R723 equipment.