13. januára 2019

Natural refrigerant R723 only 5KG of filling for 141 KW cooling power

At the end of 2018, we successfully implementing new cooling and heating concept in the dairy industry, using our Twineco® technology R723 natural refrigerant with a minimal refill.

Twineco® 300 R723

– 141 KW cooling power

– 187KW heating power

– temperature gradient cooling glycol -5 / 0 ° C

– temperature gradient heating glycol + 30 / + 40 ° C
The refrigeration unit provides refrigeration for both the production and storage areas up to the temperature of +4 Celsius and on the other hand, uses waste condensing heat to heat up the areas (hall/office/cloakroom), DHW preparation or defrosting of coolers installed in the production areas.



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